Cooperate with designers, owners, and consulting companies to deepen the glass effect of the project. Through the combination of craft, we can achieve the overall effect of artistic, functional, and safe architectural glass while optimizing the cost.


We have complete glass deep processing technology and a design team specializing in glass solutions. We take full responsibility for offering you a wide range of comprehensive glass application solutions, including glass effects, process design, sample production, processing and production, and collaborating on projects.
 Plan deepening

Process design

Glass processing

Construction cooperation

· Based on the design intent and desired outcome, the sample process is combined, and the finished product sample is processed.
· Customized processing of high-end curtain wall glass and interior decorative glass products.



By combining the particularity of customized glass with installation and construction techniques, we can fully showcase the individuality of glass.


· Transform glass conceptual design into specific processing solutions that meet functionality, artistry and safety.


Glass technology


Dip-tech ceramic digital printing

Silk-screen printing

SGP laminated glass

High performance glass

CNC Precision Processing of Specialty Glass

Transparent LED Display

Enterprise strength


We have set up standardized processing and quality control standards, respect the architectural artistic concept, and implement the solution for the glass project with our expertise.

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